Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Screenwriting Tip of the Day - Sept 25th

 "Observe life for a wealth of ideas."

Looking for that next idea or character description? Then just take a look around. Unleash your senses. What do you see? Feel? Smell? Taste? The world around us is a goldmine of untapped ideas. It's only a matter of stopping for a moment and observing.

Writers by nature are curious animals. We love to people watch. What better way to learn natural dialogue and relationships than to sit back and ... watch.  Grab some vente latte at your local Starbucks, fire up that laptop (or put pen to paper), and capture everything around you.

  • Who do you see? Record the physical description, mannerisms, tics, movements.
  • Is there a wedding ring on their finger? 
  • Where do you think they came from/going to? 
  • What sort of occupation do they look best suited for? 
  • Do they pay cash or credit card? 
  • What kind of coffee did they buy? 
  • How are they dressed? 
  • What music is playing in the background?
  • What are other folks doing around you?
    • Tapping away on laptops
    • Listening to an iPod
    • Reading a newspaper

Sit on a park bench. Close your eyes - how does the air feel against your skin? Cool or warm? Dry or humid? What do you smell? Look around and see the world as your canvas. How would you poetically describe what you see to a blind person?

What tactics do you employ to help generate ideas for a current or future script?

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