Friday, September 7, 2012

Random Daily Bulls**t - Sept 7th

DNC controlled the airwaves last night. So what did you think of the President's speech? Me thinks it will be a close race in November. But I digress ... certainly don't want to talk politics or religion ... the "Golden Rule of Small Talk".

"Raiders of the Lost Ark" plays for one week across the nation in IMAX theaters. This is a must see!! And for a great screenwriting exercise and lesson, check out Brad's analysis and insight on his ReadWatchWrite website. Be sure to follow RWW on Twitter.

So let's see how the old TO DO list is faring today:

Yesterday's Screenwriting To Do List:

  1. Write up Review of Alex Moreno's script, "Ramble On" [60 min]
  2. Respond to remaining screenwriting emails [30 min]
  3. Finalize on four page treatment [30 min]
  4. Start outline [30 min]
  5. Write 10 pages [60 min]
  6. Add 1 screenwriting tips article to website [30 min]
  7. Add priority information to website home page [30 min]
As you can see, hit nearly all of the writing points except for the screenwriting article. However, I'm not thrilled with the ten pages so that will be redone today.

Yesterday's Personal To Do List:

  1. RUN & ST [60 min]
  2. Finish kitchen backsplash [150 min] - need to run to Lowe's
  3. Dinner with family [60 min]
  4. Spend time with kids - homework, play, baths [120 min]
Ok, exercise took a back seat yesterday. And the backsplash. BUT I did mow the lawn (and my neighbor's) so that was a solid two hours of sweat. A lot of sweat.
Lesson learned: leave a couple of hours open on your day's schedule. Things will happen and you'll need to be flexible. So let's plan for 80% of the day's waking hours.

Today's Screenwriting To Do List:

  1. Add 1 screenwriting tips article to website [30 min] 
  2. Rewrite yesterday's ten pages [60 min]
  3. Complete Act 2 on outline [60 min] 

Today's Personal To Do List:

  1. RUN & ST [60 min]
  2. Finish backsplash [150 min]
Late start today, so six hours scheduled will be perfect. I hope.

Now get those fingers flying - BACK TO WRITING!

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