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Review of your script's first ten pages
     ... The first ten pages will make or break your chances with a Hollywood reader or producer. Don't give them a reason to toss your script aside because you didn't have a captivating ten-pager. Screenwriters Anonymous, in affiliation with Feedback Friday, offers a free service that will provide an assessment and analysis regarding your first ten pages and will applaud you for a job well done ... or provide recommendations to tighten your first ten.

Review & Ratings of your script
     ... Submit your script (up to 100 pages) for review and ratings, which covers elements such as concept, story, characters, dialogue, and more. Feedback provided within one week, but rush orders are accepted. We encourage you to submit any support documentation such as treatments and outlines. Includes one review after rewrite. Contact us if your script exceeds the 100 page limit - additional $0.75 per page will be added to each purchase level.
  • Two pages of analysis and ratings: $70 (7 days)
  • Scanned PDF format of your script with handwritten notes & highlights
  • Rush order: add $45 (24-hour) ; add $25 (within 3 days)
  • Click here for sample

Script Review
Logline Analysis
     ... Loglines, generally speaking, can be a real pain in the @$$! Submit your logline for review and suggestions to help tighten and properly format for an effective punch that will grab a reader's attention.
  • Unlimited analysis and rewrites until you're happy: $15
    Logline Review

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