Recommended Websites

Following websites are every screenwriter's "must bookmark" list  
Scribe Meets World ( :: Chock full of script-to-screen analysis, screenwriting tips, advice, and affordable script services. "Scribe", the woman behind the curtain, has a flair for the written word - witty, experienced, insightful.

Read | Watch | Write ( :: 52-Week Challenge. Period. Great idea! Brad posted a Master List of 52 movies with their screenplay for analysis and education. The process is simple and effective: READ the script (learn how the professionals get it done), WATCH the movie (identify those script elements on screen), and WRITE your analysis (and compare with Brad's notes).
"Drawn to scale"
Feedback Friday ( :: Rob's "Feedback Friday" invites both aspiring and established writers to share their logline and first ten pages for review and feedback (and, and, and). And it's FREE! Due to the popularity of the website, submissions are queued in the order they are received, BUT if you submit it with a crisp $20 bill, then it will be pushed to the top of the list (yes, I'm kidding, but donations are appreciated). Oh, and did I mention that Screenwriters Anonymous is a  Regular Reviewer, too? Can we get a chest bump people?

Screenwriting Tips ... You Hack! ( :: The name alone grabbed my attention. Bookmark and check out daily for insightful, quick hitting screenwriting tips and inspiration ... because we're all hacks.

 ScriptShadow ( :: Authority on script reviews related to sold spec scripts and weekly amateur submissions. This is a must-bookmark site and make sure you visit frequently. 

ReadThrough ( :: It's highly recommended that screenwriters find a group of actors who can be organized for a table read. I'm not sure about you, but if you're not located in NYC or LA, then you'll find this next to impossible. Well, fret no more! Visit and upload your script. You'll assign roles to registered actors who will record the lines on their end - and that's it! Once completed, you can play your script and hear your script come to life! And if you're feeling creatives, you can add music to scenes for enhanced listening entertainment.

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