Friday, November 23, 2012

Return from the dark abyss ... again!

 Been over the edge & back again.
After taking waaaaay too much time to get plugged into the political landscape, I'm brushing off the dust ... yes, the dust off myself, my scripts, my notes, and my email inbox.

I submitted my latest 10-page review to Feedback Friday. Check it out!

As always if you'd like to submit your first ten pages for a FREE review, then please do so at the Feedback Friday site. His Highness, Sir Robert Dillon, will be more than happy to accept your submission and plug it into our queue.

Thank you for accepting me back - I promise never to turn away from you again. Unless, of course, Anne Hathaway calls and professes her undying love. Hey, we all have our weaknesses. Disclaimer: I had to Google "Anne Hathaway" and saw the fan site linked. A tad on the creepy side, yet envious - I'm waiting for one or more stalkers to start one of me. Assuming I have any.

LES MISERABLES - Christmas season 2012