Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Screenwriting Tip of the Day - Sept 11th

"Don't chase the market."

Writing is something that comes natural to us. At least it should. For those folks who are writing screenplays because they have the next best "Hangover" or "Avengers" movie, you may want to save yourself the time and grief.  If you're not writing from the heart, then you're just chasing the market. Don't do this!

"But I have the next best raunchy comedy! And we all saw how successful (fill in the blank) did in the box office!" Zzzzzzzz!

Readers can instantly tell if you're mirroring a genre or sub-genre that's a hot topic or flavor of the day. Your storyline will feel empty and soulless; a dark abyss of drab scenes, cliched characters, and irrelevant dialogue.

So do what's in your heart. Trust your instincts. And let your life's experiences lead the way. You'll be thankful in the end.

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Time is up - GO WRITE!

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